Inspiring the world thru my life and words

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​​Inspiring the world thru my life and my words​

Hey beautiful ray of light

I'm grateful you visited my website.  

That's what it's all about for me.  I believe in 

being a light to assist others with loving their life. 

Best way to do so is by example.  

Sharing my journey with you!

Check out the pages for more info, inspiration and how to contact.


It's always an honor to share 

my story as encouragement.

I know that my past pitfalls and triumphs are not in vain but to help others continue their path. 

 (Tap the button below to hear a speaking moment in California. 

"How I Gave Birth") 

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New places, new people,new fun and let's not forget new food is always welcomed. When we see the world we see more of ourselves. Now I view travel as an opportunity not only for me but to share with others. 

This way we're experiencing together.

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Book ​

Another way I wish to inspire the world  is with my writing.

 "Black Girl Gone Guru" is my first book to bring to life.  

May the words bring healing as it has done for me writing them. 

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A happy to be middle aged couple sharing their life experiences. Inspiring others to break comfort zones to live a better life.

Join me and my hubby on Stitcher for an episode below.

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It doesn't stop here. 

Youtube for videos of past inspiration.

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Loving your life and living your purpose is possible and I'm here to inspire you to do just that!

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