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Inspiring the world thru my life and words

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Nikei S Salas

An author, writer who believes in connecting 

to the soul of others thru her writings and speaking.  

Creating new worlds with her words.

 Writing to invoke new thought.

New Book "He Poisoned Me And Left Me For Dead"

Releasing  2018

Here's a preview

The room is spinning or she is spinning in the room. The chill that the kitchen floor brings up her back isn’t enough to lower the anterior portions of her body. 

As her temperature rises sweat pours from her body to the floor. She is half conscious and before blacking out Genesing says out loud, “What the hell is going on?”

 She thinks of someone finding her on that very floor. Staring at her partially naked while they look around the home that’s somewhat clean but not clean enough for strangers. She thinks of them making remarks and taking pictures to spread over the internet. While her body weakens her last thoughts leave a question, “Is this how I’ll be remembered?” Genesing will give them one last show but a show she didn’t intend on having. 

Her eyes close. As they shut, her last thought leaves her mind, “This is how I die.” 

Check out new release page to read quotes from the book

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Soul Speaking 

Connecting with others 

by sharing pieces of me.

 Letting the past be purposeful. 


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Inspired Writing 

 When we see the world 

we see more of ourselves. 

 I view travel as an opportunity not only for me but to share my experiences with others and insight to write. 

This way we're experiencing together.

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Book ​

Tragedies into triumphs. 

A memoir of overcoming.  I share how I turned my experiences of being a teen mom, divorcee, victim of sexual harassment  and more into 

life lessons. 

Available in paperback from this website.  Ebook available on Amazon. For international purchases visit Amazon, Barnes&Noble or

 Balboa Press.

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