Inspiring the world thru my life and words

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Nikei S Salas

Author, Writer, Speaker who believes in connecting 

to the soul of others thru her writings and speaking.  

Creating new worlds with her words. 

Soul Speaking 

It's always an honor

 to share 

my story as encouragement.

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"How I Gave Birth"

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 When we see the world 

we see more of ourselves. 

 I view travel as an opportunity not only for me but to share my experiences with others. 

 And insight to write. 

This way we're experiencing together.

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Book ​

 "Black Girl Gone Guru" 

is my first book to bring to life.  

A memoir of overcoming.  


available on Amazon Kindle.

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"The true alchemists do not change lead into gold;

they change the world into words."

~William H. Gass

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